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o-nas-pohlad-na-mliekaren-z-prirodyis a private corporation founded in 1993. Originally, it focused on the processing of milk from moo-cows pasturing on Hrinova and Podpolanie land. The dairy started its operations by processing three thousand liters (780 gallons) of milk per day from which butter, milk packaged in PVC bags, curds and smoked steamed cheese Koliba were produced by hand in most cases.

More and more milk was purchased and the capacity of the dairy was insufficient. Therefore, new production premises were built.
The dairy production has recently undergone a complete modernization.

We have introduced the production quality control system HACCP and we also hold certificates STN EN ISO 9001:2001 a STN EN ISO 22000:2006.

Nowadays, Hrinova dairy processes several thousands of liters (hundreds of gallons) of milk per day from which butter and soft and hard cheese are produced.
Satisfaction of customers and quality of services are of our highest interest.

We wish that top-quality milk and products which are the staple components of healthy diet were on everybody's table and became an integral part of nutrition for people of all ages.

Enjoy your meal!

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